Underwire unpadded

Underwire unpadded

Bodies with underwire and without padding by Creaciones Selene. Control within the reach of all women.

If you are a fan of bodysuits but you don't like to wear padding, Creaciones Selene's underwired and non-padded bodysuits are ideal for you. The women's bodysuit stylizes and adapts to the body of any woman. It is a garment that can be worn at any time or occasion, either during the day with the most practical models or at night with the most sophisticated ones. The perfect bodysuit for every moment. The diversity of Creaciones Selene bodysuits makes it very easy to find a model for every occasion. For women who have large breasts and prefer not to wear padding, the underwired and non-padded bodysuits are perfect, as they enhance the silhouette and support the breasts without wearing padded cups. They are available in several cups and in sizes ranging from 85 to 115. They are also available in different colours and textures, from the plain ones to those that combine tulle with lace.

Why choose a Creaciones Selene bodysuit?

At Selene, bodysuits are one of the most special garments to wear in any model. All models are designed to support the bust and control the silhouette. In addition, if you really like the bodysuit, in many models you also have the bra and panties available as a set. Discover the bodysuit that best suits you and ask for it in your nearest shop. You can see all Creaciones Selene shops on the ‘Find your shop page’.

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