Creaciones Selene's accessories. Shoulder pads, suspenders and extenders.

In addition to our bras, bodysuits and panties you can find a wide range of accessories. Creaciones Selene's accessories are products such as shoulder pads, straps and extenders that are sold separately and help to complement the bras. Different types of accessories. We make available to all women who use Creaciones Selene models a series of products that serve to complement the bras.

The shoulder pad is used to put on the straps and is ideal for those women who are bothered by the straps of the bras, with the shoulder pad is achieved that the straps are not nailed to the skin and provides extra comfort.

The shoulder straps, as the name suggests, are designed for strapless or multi-position bras. This way, they can be added to bras if you don't feel like wearing strapless or to add them to a multi-position bra and be able to cross the entire back. They are available in various colours and also in a transparent version.

Another important accessory used by many women are the extenders. The extenders are a piece that is added to the fastener of the bra. What is achieved with the extender is to lengthen the bra and not to tighten it when fastening it. It is suitable for women who have changed their bra size and do not want to change all their bras or for pregnant women. Creaciones Selene bra extenders provide you with more adjustment and greater comfort. You can find them in different sizes and with different hooks. Also in a variety of colours.

Discover these accessories and all the other products we have prepared for you. Enter now in any of the categories of our website and choose your favourite models.

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