Non-wired padded

Non-wired padded

Underwired and padded bra by Creaciones Selene. Comfort and breast enhancement.

For women who don't like to wear underwires but want to enhance their breasts, underwired and padded bras are perfect. Many women prefer models without underwires because they bother them or they are too tight, for this reason, bras without underwires are ideal because you will not notice that you are wearing them.

At Creaciones Selene you will find a wide variety of high quality non-wired and padded bras. The models range from the classic microfiber to the most functional as is the Nadia bra, with a tulle cross on the side to minimize imperfections. For the fashion-conscious and trendy, we have underwired and padded bralette bras, with delicate lace that is perfect for combining with your favourite evening looks.

What are the benefits of wearing underwired bras?

One of the main benefits is the comfort they provide and that you won't even notice you're wearing them, they work like a second skin and this gives you a freedom of movement that may not be as present in other styles. Non-wired bras provide the necessary support and maximum comfort at the same time. Types of underwired and padded bras. Discover all our models and choose between the different styles: bralette, top, classic, lace, youth...

Where to buy underwired bras?

Creaciones Selene makes it easy for you and on the Find your shop page you can find all the Selene shops, just enter your postcode and you will find your nearest shops. Choose your favourite model and ask for availability in your nearest shop.

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