Cotton bras by Creaciones Selene. Comfort and minimal style for everyday wear.

Cotton is one of the fabrics that provides extra softness to our skin. Creaciones Selene's cotton bras want to provide that necessary softness and comfort to our skin while being the perfect choice to be comfortable during the day and wear a bra that, thanks to its fabric, can reduce itching or skin irritations that sometimes cause other types of fabrics. Do not wait any longer and discover all the cotton bras from Creaciones Selene. We have a selection with a variety of models, colours and sizes.

What types of cotton bras are there?

At Creaciones Selene you can find the non-wired version without padding, with underwire and without padding, with preformed cup, with front opening and a special model of the Selene Care line. This is the Caricia bra and comes with an inner pocket to accommodate the prosthesis, it is specially designed for women who have undergone an operation such as a mastectomy. You can combine them with all our basic panty models. Discover all the cotton models and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Where can you buy these models?

You can see all the bras available on our website and ask for the one you like the most at your nearest Selene shop. On the ‘Find your shop page’ you can see all the shops where Selene Creations are sold.

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