Culotte panties by Creaciones Selene. Fashion and comfort for your most special days.

Why choose Creaciones Selene? At Creaciones Selene we take care of all the details so that all women feel comfortable and feminine at any time. For this reason, you will always find the model that best suits your style. One of the most special knickers models are the culotte knickers. Because of its style and design it is the favourite model of many women. The culotte is similar to the classic knickers but is wider at the hip, which makes it feel very good because it highlights the natural shape of the body.

In Creaciones Selene you will find a variety of culottes with different fabrics and colours, from the most sophisticated to the most romantic models designed for brides. Discover the entire collection and create your ideal combination. They are very flattering panties that fit very well to all types of silhouettes, and as with the other models of panties, you can also find a matching bra, although if you prefer you can combine it with one of our basic models.

Find your ideal model and enjoy it!

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