Copa Spacer

Copa Spacer

Creaciones Selene bras with Spacer cup, a new fabric with maximum adaptability.

Creaciones Selene and its innovative 'spacer' cup. A new concept in intimate fashion.

What is the 'spacer' fabric?

This fabric offers a multitude of properties. It is a fabric with an extreme lightness and adaptability to the breast, providing an absolute sensation of comfort. It has a ventilated internal structure thanks to its inner layer of multifilaments. This means that the bras with spacer cups are characterised by total breathability and regulation of the temperature of the breasts. The fabric is non-deformable, which means that it quickly regains its original appearance. The Fabiola bra by Creaciones Selene has a spacer cup and is the perfect bra to have the sensation that you are not wearing anything. It is underwired and available in C and D cup, sizes 90 to 115 and available in four colours.

Why wear a spacer bra?

Spacer bras are very similar to a classic bra in shape, but the fabric is the main difference. This fabric, also called 3D, hides imperfections and is invisible under clothing, as the cups are seamless. It is one of the perfect bras to wear on a daily basis. It is totally breathable and adapts perfectly to the shape of the bust. Discover the Fabiola model by Creaciones Selene and choose your favourite colour.

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