Sports bras by Creaciones Selene. Comfort and support for sports.

One of the most popular models lately are sports bras. Due to the change of habits and the rise of sports such as running, yoga or pilates, sports bras have become one of the essential models in all collections. At Creaciones Selene we are also committed to this type of bra and we have a selection of models with different fastenings, styles and colours. You can discover them all in the sports category.

We know that support is very important, even more when doing sport, so depending on the type of intensity there are some models or others. In our sports bras you can find models with front, back or top opening. Also seamless and in different fabrics such as microfibre or cotton for greater comfort and convenience. As in all our models, there are bras for all women, from those who have less chest and do not need so much support to those who need large sizes and cups, having even the F cup in some of our models. And as we can not forget the design, all bras are available in various colours, from the most striking as blue or fuchsia to the most basic colours such as white, earth and black, options that never fail and serve for other occasions apart from sports.

They can also be used at home or to go for a walk with a more casual look. This is one of the many categories you can find in our catalogue. Do not miss the other models and find the one that best suits your style. To buy bras from Creaciones Selene just look for your nearest shop on the Find your shop page.

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