Bridal bras by Creaciones Selene. A model for every woman on her most special day.

Creaciones Selene's bridal bras are the models designed to wear on that special day. Just as important as the dress is the bridal lingerie, because it will help you to enhance the dress and make you feel more comfortable.

From Creaciones Selene we will be delighted to accompany you on that special day. In our bridal bras you can find strapless models, with push up or without push up or if you are one of the most classic, a bra with garter belt and matching garter. All of them in white with some embroidered details, although they are also available in other colours such as black and red. Perfect for after the party or to wear on a special day.

It is important to take into account that, in many cases, it is necessary to wear a special bra because of the characteristics of the dress, either because of the transparencies, strapless necklines or very low-cut backs. For these cases, we have our category of multi-position or strapless bras, where you can also find the ideal model, either in white or in colours such as earth or pink, depending on the need and the style of the dress. For these same reasons, many women prefer to wear a bodysuit because apart from supporting and concealing, it enhances the silhouette and helps not to show any marks. You can discover all our bodysuits in our category of bodysuits, especially the Giorgia bodysuit, ideal for dresses with a very low-cut back. Do you already know it? In Creaciones Selene we offer you the most romantic and sensual bras that will make that special day a wonderful day. Discover them all now!

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