Maternity bras by Creaciones Selene. Softness and support for breastfeeding.

Maternity bras by Creaciones Selene. The nursing bras are a type of bra without underwire and normally made of cotton that serves for those women who are expecting a child and for women who breastfeed their baby. It is a model of bra made of a very soft fabric so that it does not hurt the skin and is as comfortable as possible. The nursing bra has to adapt well to the body and hold the breast but without oppressing it, it also has to be easy to open to be able to breastfeed the baby as comfortably as possible. If you go to the maternity category in bras you can see all the models of Selene, one of them without any type of seam, ideal for night breastfeeding.

When to buy a nursing bra?

We recommend you to wait until the last weeks of pregnancy to be able to see how much your breasts have changed and to choose the right size. If you have any doubts, you can contact us or ask at your nearest Selene shop, we will be happy to help you!

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