Functional Bra

Functional bras. Creaciones Selene models to minimize imperfections during the day to day.

Many women with large breasts or cups have problems when it comes to finding a bra that provides the necessary support and comfort. Creaciones Selene's functional bras are designed for these types of women and to provide comfort for all body types, whether in smaller cups or larger cups. Our functional bras are underwired and non-underwired and padded and non-padded models, ranging from B to F cup and from size 85 to 115. In addition, all bras have a laser-cut control tulle crossover on the side. It is specially designed to cover and minimise side and underarm irregularities, providing perfect coverage and smoothing and slimming the figure. The colours of the bras range from the classic white, black and earth colours that go with everything and solve any look to navy or pink, ideal for the summer months or to wear with lighter garments. One of the best selling models of Creaciones Selene is one of these functional bras, the VIOLETA. All of them also come with matching control briefs that are perfect for wearing tight-fitting garments.

Where can you find all these models?

You can see all the bras available in the functional category and you can ask for the one you like the most in your nearest Selene shop. On the Find your shop page you can see all the shops where Selene Creations models are sold.

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