Front opening

Front opening

Bras by Creaciones Selene. Models with front opening for greater comfort.

As the name suggests, the front-opening bras from Creaciones Selene are those that open at the front of the body, and not at the back, like the vast majority of models. Within the variety of Selene bras there are bras for all body types and needs, always thinking about the comfort of all women. Therefore, we have a wide range of bras suitable for all moments of a woman's life. The bras with front opening are very comfortable to fasten and do not require gestures that can damage the back. They are ideal for women who do not have much mobility in the arms or for those who have just come out of an operation.

What styles of bras with front opening are there?

At Selene we have options with this type of opening in sports models, push-up models, multi-position models and in the Selene Care line, dedicated to post-surgical and prosthetic bras. As we have already mentioned, this type of bra is highly recommended for women who have undergone breast surgery and cannot make certain movements. You can ask for all models in all Selene shops. They will help you find the best option.

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