Full body - half body

Full body - half body

Half body bras by Creaciones Selene. Extra support for all women.

What is a half body bra?

Creaciones Selene's half body bras are classic bras whose main characteristic is to offer maximum support to the bust on the upper, lower and side areas. They are long bras that shape the chest, stylize your figure and support the whole upper part very well.

Where can I buy half body bras?

In Creaciones Selene we have half body models and you can find them in all the shops that sell Selene. You can see them all on the Find Your Store page and if you enter your postcode you will see your nearest shops. The shops will be able to show you all the models and help you find the bra that best suits you.

If you have a large bust or just want a little extra support, you can browse our bra category and see all of our half-body bras. Types of half body bras. At Creaciones Selene we want all women to find their ideal model, which is why in our selection of half body bras you can find models without underwire, with front opening and with different lengths. They are designed in simplex fabric for extra support and are available in various colours. Sizes range from 90 to 120. Discover them all and try them out!

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