Bras by Creaciones Selene. Discover all our models for all women and styles.

In the Creaciones Selene bra collection you will find a wide variety of styles that have been designed with all women in mind. Bras that provide comfort, convenience and support for all body types and styles. Bralettes, underwired and non-underwired bras, padded and non-padded, push up, sports or nursing bras. Also functional models for large sizes, slimming, open back, strapless or cotton. Bras that adapt to all figures and needs at all times.

In Creaciones Selene we want to make it easy for all women and we offer in our online catalogue all our bra models with all the information about sizes, cups and colours. We know the importance of wearing the right size, that's why we have the page Calculate your size, where you can measure yourself and check if your size is the right one. We also explain the four basic and most important tips for a good fitting.

In the bra category you can find all our models and you can search for them according to their type, for example, bridal bras, maternity bras, multi-position bras or bras with front opening. You can also filter them by size, cup or colour. We have bras from B cup to F cup ranging from size 85 to 120, with a wide variety of colours, fabrics and textures.

In addition, to be able to buy bras from Creaciones Selene you only have to look for your nearest shop on the Find your Store page, you only need to enter your postcode to get all the nearest Selene shops.

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