Push up bras by Creaciones Selene. Models to enhance and give more volume to the chest.

Love it or hate it. For many women it is their favourite bra model and they wear it on a daily basis. Push up bras are bras with an inner padding that increase your bust size or simply raise it to make your cleavage look more beautiful.

In the bra category of Creaciones Selene there are 3 types of push up bras: push up, double push up or triple push up. The difference between them is the inner padding. The models range from the basic black microfiber to the most sophisticated with underwire and lace, passing through the most minimal models and others of more youthful style with some details in the neckline. There are push-up bras with underwire, normal or with flexible silicone underwire, the latter fit perfectly to the chest and it is as if you were not wearing anything. There are also multi-position, strapless or bridal models.

Difference between push-up and padded cups.

Many women confuse a padded cup bra with a push-up bra, but they are not the same. Padded cup bras usually have a thin layer of foam to shape the bra and enhance the bust, but they do not enhance the bust or add volume. Push-up bras, on the other hand, apart from this cup, have an inner padding that does increase the volume of the bust. Some lift and join the cleavage, it all depends on how the inner padding is placed.

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