Post surgical

Post surgical

Post-surgical bras by Creaciones Selene. The perfect models for after surgery.

The post-surgical bras by Creaciones Selene are part of the Selene Care line. This is the line dedicated to bras recommended after having undergone an operation, whether it is a health or aesthetic operation.

Within this line there are 2 types of bras: prosthetic bras and post-surgical bras. Prosthetic bras are designed with an inner pocket to accommodate the prosthesis.

The post-surgical bras are designed for post-surgical treatment and to ensure that the breast is correctly supported. They are all non-underwired, have an opening at the front and the cups can be folded down to facilitate treatment and make it easier to put the bra on and take it off. It is very important that the fabric is pleasant and respectful of the skin at such a delicate time.

In the category of post-surgical bras within Selene Care you can see all the models with their colour and size variants. With the sale of this line we collaborate with the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

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