Creaciones Selene control panties. Support and control without sacrificing comfort.

At Creaciones Selene you will find the control panty that best suits you. The control briefs or girdles are specially designed for women who want this extra control, as they reduce and stylize the belly area. Opt for our shaping control knickers to conceal with any look and at the same time feel comfortable and confident. It is one of the best selling garments because many women use them to shape their figure. In Creaciones Selene you can find several types: high waist, low waist, with tulle details and models that go from the waist to the legs. Also with different types of control, such as medium control or high control. All control knickers are available in various colours and sizes, ranging from S to XXL. You can wear your favourite outfits without worrying about anything. In addition, all models are designed with quality materials so that they fit perfectly to the body. We know that finding the perfect control panty is not easy and that is why we put at your disposal our entire network of shops, where they will help you find your ideal size and model.

Where can I find Creaciones Selene models?

On the Find your shop page you will be able to see all the available shops and by entering your postcode you will be able to see all your nearest shops.

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