Non-wired unpadded

Non-wired unpadded

Bra without underwire and without padding by Creaciones Selene. Comfort for all sizes.

Creaciones Selene's non-wired and non-padded bras offer you unlimited comfort and freedom. This bra model is ideal for everyday wear. On our website you can see all the models online.

Does a bra without underwire and without padding support the breasts well?

Although it may seem that it is designed for women with small breasts who do not need much support, in Creaciones Selene we show that it is quite the opposite and we have many models without underwire and without padding for all sizes and cups. Bras ranging from C cup to F cup, with sizes from 90 to 120, always thinking about maximum support and comfort. The fabrics range from the most basic in neutral colours to the most special with delicate lace for the most special occasions. Within the whole selection, you can find some with front opening or half-length. Also in cotton or in triangle shape, a basic that never fails and is ideal for the youngest girls who are just starting to wear a bra. Discover them all and find the model that best suits you.

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